Video Production Tip: Using Youtube To Market Your Business

Most of us are familiar with Youtube as it has been around for almost 17 years. So we all know that using Youtube to market your business is an important Video Production Tip. Think channels like Ryanhiga, Wongfu Productions or Pewdiepie. Ever since, it has grown to be a content giant in the Internet era where millions of watch count are recorded on a daily basis. It has also grown to be a possible career option for teenagers and youths these days.

So as a business owner, how then do you use Youtube to your advantage to market your business?

The first tip is consistency. Youtube’s algorithm is coded to optimize content to audience who watch a specific category.
As a business, the idea is to create consistent content across the platform weekly or even daily. Content can be repurposed into various lengths – whether it is a regular upload or posting it as a Youtube Short. The views may start extremely low but once you built a traction, it is easy to compound the view count. Understandably, it takes up a lot of work to produce video work – from scripting to shooting and then post production. This is why video production houses in Singapore like ours exist to help you plan productions from a strategical viewpoint and create a list of ideas for your business. A combination of well-produced ads along with in-house content is the best recipe to generate audience retention. The point is not to be the best in the space but to be consistent in putting content for audience to remember your business.

The second tip is to create unbiased content that offers the audience an objective view of your business. Try working on a non-conventional content format. It could be producing a “Day in a life” series with your staff.
Try working with a famous Youtuber or collaborating with a media channel to review your business. Audiences are smart and it is obvious when a content piece becomes too much of a hard-sell and that is a red flag for any channels. Youtube is a long-game and requires a lot of effort. But once you get the audience and subscriber count, it is easy to direct your loyal audience to affiliate links on your channel. The ad revenue from your channel is also a by-product bonus from running a Youtube channel.

Lastly, don’t take Youtube seriously. Not in a bad way of course! Youtube exists mainly as an entertainment outlet so you’ll have to be able to let go of the prim and proper brand image. Find a way to connect to your audience genuinely and people will stay on your channel.
Most brand managers or business owners want a channel to market official product information but try and minimize these things on Youtube.
Content strategy is as important, if not more important than the content itself. Here at Reckn, we provide video production services and branding video planning to help market your business in a way that is organic, genuine and entertaining. If you can consistently produce these 3 things, we are most definitely sure that your business will benefit from the platform!

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