Video Production: How Much Does It Really Cost Altogether

While video production costs certainly don’t pop up in your head once you’ve finished a film – awards, box office sales, and positive criticism circulating the Net do make you wonder a little.

But remember, money is not everything – quality and content are the kings in films.

Although, there have been films that successfully harmonised large budgets and profits together – such as Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides – with a $379 million budget profiting to about $1 whopping billion.

It’s not always the case for all the films – some didn’t exactly receive that much love from the crowd.

Take King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, for instance, they raised a total sum of $175 million but only ended up to be a major flop – losing around $150 million.

Then again, bringing you back to our previous point – there were some films that still made big bucks even with a low budget – so, don’t ever underestimate its ability!

Now, let’s show what exactly makes up a film – with the bits and pieces that go into the video production costs!


As of the 2017 Writers Guild agreement – scriptwriters should receive a minimum of $72,600 for an original script, while adaptations should give them $63,500. However, circumstances are different when well-known scriptwriters like Aaron Sorkin come in – he earns about $3 to $5 million for each script, as according to Hollywood Reporter.


With all the work that they do to capture the audience’s attention – A-list movie stars are usually the ones taking home the big cut – approximately $15 to $20 million for significant roles in big-budget movies. A famous actor like Seth Rogan profited $8.4 million out of the film, “The Interview” – which only costs $44 million.

Meanwhile, out of the $77.748 million budget for Annie – the entire cast earned around $17.25 million – which translates to 22 percent of the budget. Shocking? Not really, when you think about film enthusiasts who dash into a theatre just to see their favourite actor on the big screen.


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