The Go-To Guide For Understanding Instagram Video Formats

Dominating the social media scene once again, Instagram will always be at the top of many youngsters’ mind. There may be other fierce competitors like Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter but it is safe to say that Instagram is ahead of the pack.

Especially with all the amazing features like IG Live, IGTV and IG Story – its position at the top of the food chain is pretty much secured.

Now, let’s put a stop to all the hype over this popularity contest and get the ball rolling. Everyone, let’s give a warm welcome to Instagram Video Formats.

Video Formats: Best of the rest

Which is the best? The answer is MP4. But that’s not it all – you need to grasp the technical specifications fully as well. Miss out one tiny detail and your video on Instagram is going to go to waste.

It’s like whipping up a meal and leaving out at an essential ingredient which contributes to the entire flavour of the dish.

Important technical specifications to look at closely include audio, fps (frames per second), AAC audio and so on. Combine all these together and you’re going to have a beautiful video on Instagram.

Video Dimensions & Size: The perfect fit

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe – which one of you (video dimensions and size) is it?

If Prince Charming could find the perfect fit for the missing glass slipper – who is none other than Cinderella – so can you with video dimensions and size. Minus all the endless searching and a little guidance, we have just got the perfect formula for you.

IGTV, IG Live, Instagram Stories

Before we feast on the main course, let’s start with some juicy appetizers first. Behold, the trio – IGTV, IG Live and Instagram Stories.

Aspect ratio? 9:16. Video dimensions? 1920px by 1080px. Now, get that into your system you are going to need it if you are frequently updating your Instagram via any of the types we’ve mentioned above.

If it’s a little hard to piece the entire image together, let us show you:


Not enough? We’ll let the visuals talk.

Source: The new EQC

Three angles of one gorgeous car? Mercedes-Benz sure knows how to flaunt the beauty of this gem the right way.

Feed Videos

Landscape style

If you’re going for the landscape look, then your aspect ratio should be 1.91:1 followed by video dimensions of 1920px x 1980px.

As follows:


Now, let us show you something from our end. You’ll see how a landscape video will look pretty eye-catching to users.

A Singtel user AND a frequent traveller? Boom, Singtel’s new roaming plan has got you covered. Guess it’s time for you to head out for your next trip.

Square style

But if you’re somewhere in the middle, and neither landscape nor portrait work for your video. Then a square video may just do the trick.


Here’s one to give you a clearer picture

Source: masterclass

The championship may be old news – but Steph Curry’s skills are still the real deal.

Portrait style

Last but definitely not the least, the ultimate charmer – portrait style.


Looks good? It’s only going to get better when you actually watch the video play.

Source: nike

Watching Nike’s vertical videos have never failed to amaze anyone. And this piece has made us want to chase after our dreams yet again.

Out of the three, portrait videos are far more engaging and ideal when it comes to user experience. By taking up a huge chunk of the screen, viewers’ are sure to be glued instantly – leaving them enthralled by the moving visuals on their phone.

So, we highly suggest that you start doing vertical videos instead if you really want to capture your followers’ attention.

Video Quality: Up, up and away

Next stop, video quality.

You may have perfected the format, dimension, size and aspect ratio – but we’re not done yet. Don’t worry though, we’re getting close to the end.

To make sure your Instagram video looks it’s very best, you need to bump up the video quality. You may have got everything else right, but without this – it’s pretty much pointless.

The low-quality video is just not going to impress anyone. Let alone convince them to purchase your service or product, especially if you are a business.

Simple considerations like using a good quality camera and applying the proper settings while editing your videos are basics which you always have to remember. Get them right and you can go on to post your video up on Instagram and blow your viewers’ minds away.

Video lengths: How long can you go?

You’re getting warmer, but just not yet! You may have a rough gist of the suitable video lengths – minimum and maximum – but it’s always better if you really digest every single information completely.

And below, we’ve compiled them to make it easier for you:

IG Story: Up till 15 seconds for each story

IGTV: Starts from 15 seconds and goes up to 10 minutes

IG Live: As far as 60 minutes long.

Feed Video: Starts from 3 seconds and goes up to 1 minute

With that, you should probably know how far you can go when you want to record a video. Particularly for IG Stories, if you have a long video they will be cut into four 15-second pieces so go over one minute… and you can say goodbye to all your hard work.

Besides keeping these basics in mind, content is also key in grabbing the audience’s attention. Without quality content, all your effort spent into refining the video format is futile. Get in touch with a video production company if your creative juices aren’t flowing – they will help with the content creation and even work alongside you as you go about the videomaking process.

IGTV: Who said it’s ever too late?

IGTV may have been announced in June 2018 but the trend still lives on.

Not to mention, if you’re determined to beat your competitors – you have to not only try out this feature – but mastering it.

Once you’ve nailed IGTV, promoting your brand or page will be much easier.

Big brands like ESPN, Food Network and Tarte Cosmetics are joining in the bandwagon. Even influencers and celebrities are taking the hint and making a move to post a couple every now and then.

Let’s start by taking a look at the most popular streaming service in the world; Netflix.

Source: netflix

Stranger Things Season 3 is out! But can you remember every single bit of detail from Season 1 to Season 2? Not to worry, Netflix hears you and has come prepared with recaps from the cast themselves.

Source: netflix

Since you know how popular it is becoming, if you’re a brand, marketer or business – it’s about time you do an IGTV yourself.


As an Instagram user, you have to understand how the social media app works absolutely. Posting a video up is not as simple as it looks.

You have to get the correct specifications even before you go into content creation. Especially when it comes to certain Instagram users like marketers, influences and businesses – it is all the more crucial. On the other hand, such insightful information is also handy for day-to-day Instagram users.

Check off every one of these points and you’re one step closer to perfecting a video upload on Instagram. All that’s left to do is to come up with some compelling content to go together with the rest of the bits and you are set.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with the content, not to worry – as one of the best video production companies, we pride ourselves on assisting you with your troubles. Our production house will work by your side, brainstorm as you go along the project and put together a piece that will definitely impress your audience.

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