Finding Top Video Production House in Singapore – What To Ask?

Finding the top video production company in Singapore to work on your video campaign, what to ask?
And if you are someone with less of an experience in searching for the right team, it may well be just an open quote to the top google searches while you wait for a favourable reply. But this can be definitely be better optimized if you know what to ask! And in this article, we’ll share some tips on the right questions to ask – both yourself and the video agency you’re looking for.

“Are you confident in executing this project brief and do you have similar experiences in doing so?”

The first question to ask should always revolve around whether the team is confident in doing a project like this and if they have similar experiences in doing so. This helps you to gauge their response and confidence, and at the same time view their portfolio and treatment style. You should avoid agencies who are prioritizing the project deal and give attention to companies who are keen on adding value to your brand and project.

“How can we work together to achieve a result that both parties will be happy and proud of?”

The second question to ask should sound something like this – “how do you think we can work together to achieve a result that both parties will be happy and proud of?” In doing so, you open the floor to a collective collaboration. And trust me, we’ve worked with many clients and a substantial number of clients mostly care about extracting the most value out of the agency. But if you take a collaborative approach, most of the time the agency would initiate to give additional value without you explicitly asking them. We must understand that even though factually this is a client-vendor contractual agreement, it is still a creative project. As a client, you are looking for an expert to help work on a project and therefore should try and respect some of their creative ideas. Production is a long process and every stakeholder will inevitably lose their first excitement as you dive into the production process and eventually during post-production. You would eventually see the same shots and draft for 10-20 times before the final video is published. So it is important to get on the ride from a collaborative perspective, allowing all stakeholders to add value and shine.

“What is the type of cost or investment I should expect if we were to create something that is of value to the brand?”

The last question to ask should look something like this – “What is the type of cost I should expect if we were to create something that is of value?” It may come across as a surprise but sometimes we get enquiry with a specific budget and a reference video that does not correlate. From a client perspective, it is only normal to have a budget set for this project because well, we all have budgets we need to work with for sure! But you could consider phrasing the question in a way that opens the floor for discussion. It is never a good idea to set both your budget and brief in stone. If you have a fixed budget, you must be open to accept that there might be less deliverables or that the scale of production must be scaled down. On the other hand, if you have a mandatory brief, you must have a flexible budget and expect that there is greater cost associated with this video project.

Conclusion: Finding the Top Video Production House in Singapore and what to ask

Take a moment to think about these 3 questions. It may seemed straightforward but it is actually rather nuanced and will help facilitate a better search for an agency that you’ll be happy to work with.
For us at reckn studios, we are constantly pushing for more in-depth discussions in hope that we can understand the brief better and collectively produce a video that all parties will be proud to show.
Here is a video we did with Chase Shiel, a sneaker artist from Australia. If you’d like to hear our thoughts or reach out, you may drop us a line at!

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