Top Production Houses in Singapore for Social Media

You are currently looking for top production houses in Singapore for social media videos.
There are so many video agencies, each with its own portfolio and genres they specialize in. How do you filter out which is the best production house to select in furthering this project?

Understanding the portfolio

Firstly, many production houses approach clients with an all-rounded portfolio. While this may sound like a good thing, it is actually often not.

Imagine a company that does event videos, weddings, corporate videos – and they claim that they will be able to produce a branding video for your social media.

Would you be confident that they will be able to understand and execute a brand video with style? How then can we learn to discern better and find a suitable partnership?

Well, we need to understand the portfolio and look beyond. Does this company have at least 3-4 videos that are relevant and similar in the style I am looking to produce?

Since this project is for social media, does this company have experience in the different instagram/facebook/tiktok formats? Do they have a sense of how best can content be produced for different platforms?

Value over Price.

We all understand this but yet when we often come down to a purchase decision, it is always price that influences the decision on a larger scale.

But cheap does not mean that it is good. It could be, but most of the time it isn’t. Instead of framing your perspective and decision based on the lowest denominator, the goal should be to maximize value within a certain budget. If I am willing to pay a little bit more, what value can I extract that can help enhance the campaign?

This is why our team at Reckn Studios is one of the top video production houses in Singapore.

We don’t and will never compete on pricing – because we know our worth. But we also understand our client’s budget limitations.

So how can we work on this together? By meeting in the middle and offering value beyond the proposed brief. For example, by paying X amount more for the brand video with our team, we strategize to maximize the production cost and come up with various social media deliverables, cutdowns and formats, to help with the campaign sustenance.

Top Video Production House for Social Media Videos

As a leading video production agency, we have extensive experience in social media commercials and working with influencers, celebrities and KOLs. This will ensure on-set chemistry from the getgo and make the entire process smooth and also fun!

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