The Go-To Guide For Understanding Instagram Video Formats

Dominating the social media scene once again, Instagram will always be at the top of many youngsters’ mind. There may be other fierce competitors like Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter but it is safe to say that Instagram is ahead of the pack.

Especially with all the amazing features like IG Live, IGTV and IG Story – its position at the top of the food chain is pretty much secured.

Now, let’s put a stop to all the hype over this popularity contest and get the ball rolling. Everyone, let’s give a warm welcome to Instagram Video Formats.

Source: The new EQC

Here’s one to give you a clearer picture

Source: masterclass

The championship may be old news – but Steph Curry’s skills are still the real deal.


Looks good? It’s only going to get better when you actually watch the video play.

Source: nike

Watching Nike’s vertical videos have never failed to amaze anyone. And this piece has made us want to chase after our dreams yet again.

Out of the three, portrait videos are far more engaging and ideal when it comes to user experience. By taking up a huge chunk of the screen, viewers’ are sure to be glued instantly – leaving them enthralled by the moving visuals on their phone.

So, we highly suggest that you start doing vertical videos instead if you really want to capture your followers’ attention.

Source: netflix

Stranger Things Season 3 is out! But can you remember every single bit of detail from Season 1 to Season 2? Not to worry, Netflix hears you and has come prepared with recaps from the cast themselves.

Source: netflix

Since you know how popular it is becoming, if you’re a brand, marketer or business – it’s about time you do an IGTV yourself.

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