The Best Video Production House In Singapore – What do You Look Out For

When it comes to searching for the best video production companies in SIngapore, what do you look out for? Well, one of the key things we look for is the portfolio and the style of work produced.
You would want to look for a creative video agency that is aligned with your brand values and the work that you’re looking to produce.

Value First

Value always comes first and that may sound counter-intuitive or sometimes, management just wants the cheapest possible option.
The downside of focusing on price over value is that during the process, you will be working on solving problems and obstacles as the cheapest option may not always be the best one.
Same for the opposite – an expensive production house with a lot of commercial experience may also sometimes get your brand values wrong. Is it difficult to choose a production house then? Of course it is. The whole idea is to understand that it is important to find the right partner in a working relationship.

Building a long term relationship with your creative vendor

It takes minimal effort to just get a bunch of quotations and then compare it against each other, assessing quotations with the focus on what is the lowest price offered.
Employees at lower management also have less autonomy in deciding which is why often price is the main consideration. However, the important point to note is to consider the importance of the video project and whether it impacts the brand at a higher level. There must be a higher level of thought to the process when it comes to searching for a video production partner.
This is often missing from video project partnerships because the high level idea is what aligns both parties to a single vision. It is not just the execution but understanding each other.

Reckn Studios – Singapore’s Best Production House

Reckn Studios is one of Singapore’s top video production company that makes commercials and social projects for clients.
We have over 8 years of experience in this industry and our clients include brands like Adidas, Singtel, Apple, SHEIN, Puma, Lazada and more.
But that is not the only reason why you should consider us – the main reason is because we start every project on an understanding that we need an effort to understand the values of your brand.. Every pitch begins with a deck that would give you a complete vision of how the end product will feel like – so that we can work towards a common vision.

What to look out for in finding the Top Video Production House in Singapore

Since many videos are primarily on social media these days, we have the expertise in understanding social platforms like Youtube or Instagram and how the different formats would work best for your brand when it comes to marketing. We know how to create a sexy, emotional, memorable brand video that would make you feel proud as a marketing person or a brand owner. We don’t do things normal and create an everyday corporate video where your target audience would simply brush off as another ad.

As a top video production company, we want to create excitement and videos that would make an impact – whether visually or emotionally.
So that customers will remember your brand. And you will remember how we did as a partner.

We want to create and live for the extraordinary moments.

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