Rules To Follow For Effective Video Production

Over the years, video production has become increasingly popular among many companies for numerous reasons, from advertising to marketing.

Moreover, excellent video production is useful in positioning the company and the brand in the market easily and quickly for a head-start over competitors.

Below, you will find several steps to take note of when doing effective video production.


Ask yourself a few questions to determine your end goal before you go into the actual video production process.

What is its purpose? What exactly do you want this video to accomplish; who are the targeted audience and what is the message you want to communicate? A corporate video is a powerful business tool that should communicate clearly with your target audience raises awareness of your brand and boost your sales revenue. Therefore, your objective should be crystal clear.

Be sure you do your research well and consider all the cultures you will be addressing in your video. Is your audience local or global? Will you need a different language version or subtitles? And finally, what do you want your audience to get out of your video?

With all these questions answered, you can easily go into the next step and start brainstorming for ideas to create content.


What makes video production captivating, is essentially great content. It is the ultimate key to keeping the video informative yet exciting.

If the program features “cut-away” shots of static images such as diagrams and photos, as well as other relevant footage, you will have a much better chance of holding your audience’s attention till the end of the video and achieving an all-important direct response.

Shooting Locations

While most corporate videos are shot at the company’s premises, there are circumstances when external spots are an important part of a production. Your customers’ premises can be the best choice for testimonials – particularly if they have equipment supplied by your company on site or your products on display.

On the other hand, public places often require permission from the Local Authority. Last but not least, your producer may recommend a studio which is fully equipped with sound recording, lighting, different backdrops, and a chroma key setup. This is an excellent location for shooting corporate pieces such as interviews, presentations and so on.


For every video that you want to produce, you will definitely need to select your talent. While it is good to be the one judging the auditions, regardless of whether it’s a voice-over actor or presenter, it is always best that you carefully discuss with your video producer.

Usually, your video producer will have access to a suitable choice of professional freelancers so you can always take your pick from that selection or get him or her to recommend a couple of experienced talent.

Create A Script

The script is a critical part of any corporate video. You can start by sketching a basic outline of your plans and then present it to your video producer. Both of you can creatively brainstorm what the script requires to be.

Your video producer should then prepare a fully documented script that makes your program work for you – and your audience. 


Professional video production should not be viewed as a cost but as an investment.

Therefore, instead of asking for a price – especially before a full consultation, it would be better to consider what a professionally executed and carefully designed production could be worth to your business. 


If the result creates more opportunities for your business in terms of sales and new customers, then the return on your investment should exceed the amount of money paid to your video producer. Creating an effective video can be easily done with the help of a professional video agency in Singapore with a team of talented video producers who will come up with all sorts of ideas and tactics for different productions.

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