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RECKN’s versatile and diverse portfolio consists of videography productions with a myriad of established companies that ranges from telecommunications to sportswear and even supermarket chains. Our broad spectrum of videos creation services include works for commercials, brand videos, social media productions, corporate videos, interviews, and also event videos. The production costs for our videos vary over a flexible pricing range as they are discussable at the start of each project.

Video Production Strategy

In our portfolio, our dedication and passion for creating the highest standards of videography for our clients’ businesses are evident. We help to determine where in the brand’s marketing strategy that video production can benefit most, and meticulously produce content that conveys the message best. Be it to promote, display or introduce a product or service, we aspire to engage your audience first and foremost.

Professional Video Production Services


Commercials are one of the oldest and best video marketing ways to promote a brand’s service or products. Many of the world’s most renowned and successful brands from a variety of industries have established themselves through commercials that are broadcasted through the TV and internet in various pricing ranges.

RECKN’s professional commercial videos will help your brand establish a stronger and more relevant presence in Singapore.

Brand Videos

A brand’s identity is the centrepiece to a company’s marketing strategy, and brand videos allow them to control and craft how their brand is perceived by their audiences. In addition, they can also be video productions that are crafted specially to convey a particular brand’s promotional marketing campaign for a new service or product.

RECKN’s brand videos for our clients help to streamline their intention and foster an active connection and familiarity between the brand and its consumers at an affordable cost.

Social Media
Ever since the advent of social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, video marketing on social media has been on an unstoppable upwards trajectory with no end in sight. These days, business video productions on social media are an essential method of marketing as it’s one of the most effective ways of achieving the maximum ROI.

Utilising the most popular social media platforms, RECKN elevates our clients’ appeal to their consumer base at affordable rates, allowing better sales in Singapore.

Corporate Videos

Corporate video creations help to captivate a brand’s target demographic, inspire action, and drive results. Using an effective marketing approach in your corporate video productions, you can create content that engages and resonates with your viewers. This, in turn, highlights your company’s strengths and makes it more appealing to them.

At RECKN, we will ensure that your corporate message reaches its intended viewers in the best way possible and with affordable rates, be it within the organisation or beyond it.

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