How To Create Social Media Videos in Singapore

If you didn’t know, currently all social media platforms’ algorithms are coded in a way to prioritize video content.
And this is important for marketing managers to learn how to create social media videos in Singapore. It is no longer just images and graphics that are effective for promotion.

Most brands have in-house graphic artistes.
But it is becoming more prevalent to engage video agencies to create social media videos for marketing and branding purposes.

The following steps are a guide to planning and creating social media videos that would add value to your brand.

1. Audience Retention Rate & Media Buys

First and foremost, social media videos have to be snappy and interesting. Additionally, it has to be able to deliver value to the target user that is consuming the content. Marketing managers will also have to consider the platforms where content would be published and promoted by media buys. An experienced video production company should typically advise on the importance of platform loading as much as the creative execution.

2. Maximizing Content Production

Let’s face it. Video productions aren’t cheap as compared to doing a graphic poster for your campaign.
So how then can you maximize value in a video project?
Well, the key is to conceptualize a script or direction that allows various deliverable outputs in various platforms. For example, shooting projects in both 16:9 (landscape) and also repurposing it for a vertical video post on Instagram Stories. You can also script the video in a way that allows scenes to be cut independently from the film as stand-alone teasers for Facebook ads.

3. Less is More, when it comes to promotional details

As marketing managers, we are all enthusiastic about promoting our latest product or service. Sometimes, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that all key USPs of the product/service are mentioned within a video. However, this may not necessarily be effective. Sharing from a video production house point-of-view, we have always found that the most effective ads focus on a singular differentiating value. And when ads are being replayed on various platforms, that same singular USP is being conditioned into the target user’s mind. This creates a strong brand recall, especially when the ad is amusing to the audience.

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